Happy Christmas!!!

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Okay - been pretty busy with all things Mako since the end of the season and so lazy with updating my blog... Apologies!!!
But as it's Christmas time (woohoo!) I thought that I should be traditional and at least wish everyone a really good holiday and a brillant New Year.

In the news department - I've been back getting the hours in for the last couple of months and so am heading into Christmas feeling pretty fit for this time of year! But also looking forward to getting into Lanzarote in January for a bit of warm-weather training.
I guess I could sum up the 2010 season as good beginning and then... not much. The "not much" was due to being a bit too over-keen on the training and racing front too early in the year I think - so silly error and easy to correct for 2011 ;)
Highlight of 2010? Winning the French Champs for the second year running and the French team's second place in the World Team Champs.

As for other news... I'll be signing with Adidas for another two years up until the 2012 Olympics. So Thank you to Adidas for their continued support. The Mako brand is growing all the time with distribution in Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands from 2011 as well as France of course! And we have been working on some really exciting new products - not least of which will be the new top-of-the-range wetsuit called the eXtreme. Amazingly fast, this wetsuit allowed me to swim 2 seconds per 100m faster than with my B-First (previous top-end model which is already the fastest I've ever used!)

So now all I need to do is try and beat the bad weather in Paris and get back to the UK for Christmas with my family - wish me luck!!!

Take care!
Jess X


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