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Hello from the Jura... for those of you that aren't French and can't recite all the departement numbers and names in reverse alphabetical order (believe me most of them can!) it's kinda north of Geneva on the French side.

I've been here now for 2 weeks, with the French tri team, in a room that buzzes and goes "pschitt" every 10 seconds or so... (earplugs obligatory) ie. in a hypoxic chambre set to simulate an altitude of 2500m. They do let us leave the room occasionally - to eat and train! So we're using the "high-low" principal - the physiological advantages of sleeping at altitude (increased blood oxgyen transport capacity, increased lactate buffering capacity etc.) combined with the less physically stressful and higher quality training at a lower altitude (1100m).

Actually it's gone by very quickly as the training is really varied (the usual plus cross-country skiing and running on snow covered trails) and the atmosphere in the group is really good.

It'll be good to get home though in a couple of days - if only to sleep in peace!!!

So anyway I'll leave you with a tune that my brother sent me and is pretty damn fine (training camps go by better with a good soundtrack)...

Jess X


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